The Integrus Philosophy is to take an holistic approach to business.

 We believe that you can not just change one aspect to achieve excellence.

 At the core is understanding behaviours that we classify using colours.  We then integrate those behavioural styles into every aspect of your business. 

The backbone of the Academy is the 12 Keys to Success.

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"I have loved doing the Academy Online. It has allowed me to delve into my business in a much deeper way that I had ever thought possible."

"Learning how to deal with customers has been much easier once you understand how to deal with them in the right way for THEIR personality."     
GABBI SCHNEIDER, Schneider Mechanical & Tyre Centre, Perth WA, Australia

The backbone of the Academy is the 12 Keys to Success

These are broken down into basic groupings that relate to the behavioural colours.

The first 3 keys are in the “relationships area” and explore your personal why, behavioural colours and how to relate to each behavioural style. The last of the three looks at your personal strengths in relating to the various behavioural styles.

The next 3 are in the “detail area” and work through areas such as the DNA of your business, its market positioning and product positioning.

The three that follow this are in the “business area” and focus on Target Marketing , Marketing and sales.

The final 3 keys are in the “team area” and build on the previous 9 keys in strengthening your delivery and capability, your team support and client interaction.

Throughout the Academy there is extensive role playing to understand and integrate the use of the behavioural colours in all aspects of business.

Additionally, within the Academy there are at least two Mastermind sessions where you share business challenges and work with the group towards finding ideas and potential solutions.

Throughout the Academy there is a focus on success and learning through using the Success planner, a unique approach to setting and achieving goals.


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How is the Academy Delivered ?

 Integrus Academy is run using a Hybrid format from our training centre in Perth.  The next question is – what is a Hybrid format?

 The last two academies in 2020 ran in a hybrid format with participants in Perth (in the classroom) and participant in Europe, United Kingdom, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria.

The classroom is set up using 3 cameras, 4 microphones and manages to incorporate banter between participants as well as role playing across continents.

 The hybrid model extends the idea of a pure online (zoom) delivered training and education and as near as possible simulates and emulates the classroom environment.

The presenters all deliver classroom style delivery with all the energy from standing and interacting with people online and in the classroom.

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 What happens after the Academy ?

 The biggest challenge facing participant is the implementation of the intense learning on the Academy. To this end, we offer a mastermind group that continues to meet on a regular basis to work with participants in the implementation of the learning.

 What’s included in the Academy ?

  • 12 Full colour workbooks relating to each key  

  • A success Planner toolkit

  • Detailed Individual colour reports

  • Live facilitated hybrid classroom training sessions

  • 2 Mastermind sessions within the Academy

  • 2x 30 minute 1 on 1 consulting calls or meetings with the Inspirationalist

    Value $5500  Only $997 deposit and $347 per month (x 4) 

 What’s included in the Mastermind

  • Monthly facilitated discussion and experience shares

  • Ongoing advanced business excellence education

  • Bi-monthly 30 minute 1 on 1 consulting with the Inspirationalist

  • Guest lecturers sharing knowledge and wisdom

  • A group that becomes your “board of Advisors” to help you grow your business

    Value $4500   Now only $247 per month

When is the Academy delivered

  • Weekly learning sessions of 2.5-3 hours (Starting Wednesday 21st April 2021)

  • Bi-weekly learning sessions of 5-6 hours (Starting Monday 10th May 2021)

Hi I am Rael Bricker.

I am the first Inspirationalist with Integrus Australia.

I sold out of my first successful business at the age of 33.  After moving to Australia and starting another business that was very successful, I found my true “Why” at the age of 50.

 A year before that I was given a rude awakening when after a season of triathlons, I decided to run a marathon and discovered two blocked arteries. I was the lucky one as I managed to dodge a bullet and two stents later, I am fitter and stronger than ever before.

I found my purpose in sharing the experiences of achieving excellence with business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

I want to help you become more excellent in your business and your life

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